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Started my final A Level Exams, so I'm not on as much (I still post a few things a day). Won't be making gifs unless I have time.

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this day in horrible history 

↳ 23 April - Birth (1564) and Death (1616) of William Shakespeare. 

his lil “idek man i do what i want” shrug in the final gif tho

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im going to watch rooster teeth let’s plays for the rest of the night
and can’t be bothered to do anything else

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Merlin: Aren’t you forgetting something? I have magic.
Lancelot: It doesn’t make you immortal.

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Sir Gwaine in every episode - The Coming of Arthur (Part Two) [0313]

Gwaine? You still alive? What do you think? And that’s Sir Gwaine to you.

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"You don’t want to be photographed next to Matt and Karen. Have you seen them? It’s like the two most beautiful people in the world." - Steven Moffat

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sparknotes is such a godsend oh my god

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Sir Gwaine in every episode - The Coming of Arthur (Part One) [0312]

“So according to Merlin here, if you tell me where this cup is, you’ll have to kill me. That’s correct. May as well tell me, then. I mean, let’s be honest - you couldn’t kill me even if you wanted to.